Guess Who’s Back?

May 1, 2017 Update

by slackey

After a test run out near Opry Mills we are finally ready to bring this show to the city! We are excited to bring back CultureSmash Nashville! CultureSmash Nashville is Nashville’s most all inclusive arts event! Are we a film festival? Absolutely we are! Are we an art gallery? 100% yes we are! Are we a live performance festival with all sorts of music? Yup, we sure are.

We believe all forms of art influence and inspire each other and bringing them together under one roof is a no brainer. These amazing artists have such sites to show you, and you can see it all at your leisure! That band isn’t your thing? Well, step into the gallery and see some fantastic interactive art! Before you know it, the movies are starting! Want to be a filmmaker or artist? Check out he workshops and become a part of the community!

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