CultureSmash Nashville: where it began

Apr 16, 2017 Music

by slackey

Stephen Lackey is a local filmmaker to Nashville. He’s been crafting documentaries and short films in the area for over fifteen years. He’s put together various special screening events around the city over the years but really wanted to bring a wider variety of art together. In 2015 the great experiment of CultureSmash Nashville began. The event in 2014 was really a proof of concept. It worked though. Live bands played between groups of unique short films and the art gallery was built around the bar guaranteeing a crowd.

With lessons learned he and a group of like minded individuals vowed to do it again even better. The majority of 2016 dound stephen reseting his team and wrapping a major three year documentary project.Bow in 2017 with a great support system, it’s time to bring back the culture smashing!

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